The History of Matcha

This is the story of how your favorite green buddy came to be. 

Born and raised in China, it was the people of the Tang Dynasty that first found me. They were working on their fields, and decided to bring me to their homes. They discovered what a great way it is to end the day with a cup of me!

I was a big hit, whether it was in castles, in monasteries or in villages. Some even believed that I was the key to immortality. Yeah, that’s right - I was the OG Sorcerer’s Stone.

The Japanese didn’t discover me until early 12th century. A kind man named Eisai Myoan decided to take my seeds back after his trip to China. I had found my new home: the lush lands by the temple in Uji, Kyoto.

It was the Japanese that learned it actually does me a lot of good to get some shade (and no, not the kind you throw to Twitter trolls). It made me greener, and even more delicious than I tasted before. They discovered how to tap into my superpower: Zenergy, which keeps people both energized and calm throughout the day.

Over the years, I’ve just become more and more popular. From tea ceremonies, cakes, soft serves, I’ve basically become a Japanese culinary icon! The Japanese have made it a Mumu world - you’re all just living in it.

The people love me not just because of my bold and creamy taste, or that I look great on their Instagram feed. Turns out, I do make people immortal. Sort of. I help fight cancer, and boost immunity, and lower blood pressure, and enhance memory and mental clarity, and improve heart health, and induce calmness. Yeah, I do all that.

And slowly, the rest of the world began to find out about me.  I decided to make California my new home. It seemed like the perfect spot for me to show the power that my Zenergy can have in their lives.

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