Make Your Own Matcha

 Brew your own green bowl of goodness at home. 

Before we start, make sure you have everything you need.

The tools: 

  • Chasen is the bamboo whisk. Don't forget to unfold your bamboo whisk by submerging the prongs in a bowl of hot water.
  • Chasaku is bamboo tea scoop. 
  • Chawan is the bowl where you will make your matcha. Any standard-sized, round bowl will do!

The matcha:

  • The finest mumumatcha ceremonial-grade powder, sourced from organic and shade-grown farms of Kagoshima. 

You're ready to make your own matcha! (Want a matcha latte instead? See our matcha latte recipe)

Step 1: Prepare your bowl


Prepare all your tools, and heat up 3 oz of water. Using your bamboo spoon, take 2-3 big scoops of mumumatcha powder and place it into your bowl. If you have a sifter, you can also sift your powder. 

Don't forget to put back your mumumatcha powder in the tin away from the sunlight, and seal it tight to preserve the matcha quality and taste.

Step 2: Pour your water 

It's really important to let your water cool down after it boils — using boiling water changes the texture and taste profile of the matcha. Wait until your water temperature goes down to 175f or 80c, before pouring it in your bowl. 
Step 3: Whisk your matcha


Take your unfurled whisk, and start whisking the water and matcha powder together in a zigzag pattern. Don't whisk it in circles but rather, back and forth. Use your wrist to whisk firmly until your matcha starts to foam. 

Remember that matcha is a suspension tea, meaning that it doesn't dissolve in water.

Step 4: Enjoy your matcha


Smell the heavenly aromas that whisking has released into the air, before pouring your matcha into your favorite cup. You can take a sip right from your bowl too.

The ceremonial-grade of mumumatcha powder means the umami taste is best consumed on its own, but if you prefer you can also add a sweetener. Want a matcha latte instead? See our matcha latte recipe.


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