Mumu: A Sustainability Warrior

Happy Earth Day, friends! Don't you just love this beautiful planet we get to live in? 

It's super important for me, as a sustainability warrior, to make sure that mumumatcha is as green as I can be (and I'm not just talking about my matcha). Here are just some of the ways:

Environmentally-friendly packaging

My team at mumumatcha worked hard to produce the most environmental-friendly packaging we can have! Our shipping box is made of cardboard with matte printing, which means using no shiny oil that will harm our surroundings. The filling for our box is made of paper instead of plastic, and you can choose to use a recycled tin for your matcha powder!

Green subscriber options

As you know, matcha's benefits are best when you consume it daily. Instead of sending you numerous tins, I've created a refill pack that is made of lightweight fibre and 100% bio degradable. Be a subscriber today and keep our earth a little greener!

No waste

And even without mumumatcha's packing, matcha itself is a more environmentally-friendly option than coffee. While coffee has grounds you need to dispose, matcha has no waste whatsoever – you consume all of it!

I hope you do your part to keep our gorgeous home green 💚I know I always will!