Matcha's Different Grades

Not all matcha are created equal - here are the different grades of matcha out there.


ceremonial grade matcha

Ceremonial-grade matcha

Yes, this is what makes me the best! This is the highest grade of matcha you can find out there. You can easily distinguish this grade through the vibrant green color, grassy smell, fine powder texture, and its sublime and rich taste. Made from the first harvest of the spring leaves, it's best to consume ceremonial-grade matcha as koicha (thick matcha). Read my guide on how to make your own. 


culinary grade matcha

Culinary-grade matcha

Culinary-grade matcha is a slightly lower but still great grade of matcha. You can distinguish culinary-grade matcha through its yellow-tone, lighter green color, and slightly more bitter taste than the ceremonial-grade. Made from the second harvest of the spring leaves, its robust taste is why it is suitable to use for cooking and baking! 


premium grade matcha

Premium-grade matcha

Premium-grade is the highest sub-classification of the culinary grade. It has a similar but slightly inferior tasting profile as the ceremonial grade and a better taste than the culinary grade. You can distinguish premium-grade matcha from its faded green color, and sweet and subtly bitter notes. 

I know I boast about being the best, but the truth is that all these three types of matcha are great. I hope you learn how to distinguish the finest qualities of matcha out there and make me a part of your daily ritual