Busting Matcha Myths with Mumu

Despite my immense popularity, there are a ton of myths out there about matcha. 

I'm here to bust them wide open. 

Myth #1: Matcha is bitter

If you're drinking bitter matcha, that means you're not drinking it properly. First, you need to make sure you have the right grade of matcha - my ceremonial, organic powder is the best to get. Then, make sure the matcha is well-made. A well-made bowl will taste sublime, and have a subtle sweet aftertaste!

Myth #2: Matcha is the same as green tea

I know we look similar and all, but I'm not green tea. Although we come from the same plant, the method of shade growing and processing makes me superior to green tea. I have 137 times more antioxidants than green tea, which means the health benefits that comes with 1 cup of me equals 1 to 10 cups of green tea!

Myth #3: All matcha powders are the same

There are several grades of matcha - me being the best, of course. The ceremonial grade matcha is made from the first harvest and contains only the meat part of the leaf. A step below my grade, the culinary-grade matcha is made from the second or third harvest and contains both the meat and veins of the leaf. 

Myth #4: Matcha shouldn't be consumed on the daily

Lies, lies, lies! If you want to get the most of my superpowers, it's actually better to consume me everyday. Drinking a cup of matcha in the morning can keep you Zenergized throughout the day. Don't believe me? Try drinking a cup of me everyday and you'll never have enough - you'll even want to be a Mumu subscriber before you know it.