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If you have matcha at home, make a cup for your loved ones.

We are shifting our focus to helping people in need during this difficult time.

Let's pray for the world to get better soon. Stay healthy and stay safe!

I'm Mumu.

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About the founder

Twenty years ago, I went to Japan for the first time and fell in love with matcha and all of its goodness. Its taste, health benefits, antioxidants, lasting energy, and calming effect. It developed into a healthy obsession.

Matcha is still relatively unknown outside of Japan, and it's too hard to find a quality cup of matcha. We have such a strong coffee scene, but matcha is the cleaner, healthier, and dare I say, tastier pick-me-up drink.  It warrants more consumption. 

I hope to spread the word about the goodness of matcha with a little help from our mascot Mumu. I hope you can help us spread the word too. Here's to a healthier and happier life on this beautiful planet.